Israeli Government Establish Solar Irrigation System in Laguna

solar irrigation system
(Photo from Business World)
solar irrigation system
(Photo from Business World)

Israeli government helped Philippines in ensuring sufficient rice supply through establishing solar irrigation system in Laguna.

As cited in the report in Philstar, Agriculture Secretary Emmanuel Piñol said that the LR Group of Israel subsidiary Innovative Agro Industry will soon to complete the installation of the two solar-powered irrigation systems (SPIS). This will replace the diesel engine-powered water pumps and the underground water from a deep well in Lumban in Laguna.

According to Secretary Piñol, farmers spend Php 15,000 per hectare per planting season for the fuel of the diesel engine-powered.

Moreover,the Israeli government offers a long-term loan worth Php44 B to the Department of Agriculture. This fund will opt to set-up an additional 6,200 units to irrigate 500,000 hectares nationwide.

The completion of the demonstration area in Laguna is targeted within the month. Israeli ambassador will present this to President Duterte.

More Details about the Solar Irrigation System

Accordingly, Secretary Piñol explained that the country needs more irrigation system in order to increase the efficiency of rice production. Only 1.2 million hectares of land are irrigated out of 2.9 million.

“The solar irrigation system which was introduced by the Israeli government will boost rice production by four million metric tons of paddy rice per annum,” report stated.

Respectively, there are 200 units being installed nationwide.But DA aims to establish more units of solar irrigation system to irrigate 500,000 hectares of land by the end of Duterte’s administration.

“Some of the components of the SPIS were designed and fabricated in Israel and shipped to the Philippiaes for installation under the supervision of Israeli engineers and experts,” report mentioned.


Israeli–funded solar irrigation in Laguna nears completion


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