Mushroom Industry Thriving in Davao City

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Mushroom Industry
Photo from Axzel's Mushroom Farm
Mushroom Industry
Photo from Axzel’s Mushroom Farm

Challenges turned to opportunities. Liezel Calañas seen the potential of mushroom industry for the development of agribusiness in Davao City.

Miss Calañas, a mushroom grower, identified that mushroom is underappreciated by many due to its low profit.

As cited in the report of Sunstar, she stated that “mushroom production is not quite known in Davao City unlike in Luzon where it is popular. It is not easy to introduce this in the market.”

Despite its unpopularity, she appreciated the mushroom after the healing of his father by mushroom diet. Thus, this made her realize the potential of thriving into the mushroom production.

Journeying to the Mushroom Industry

In 2016, Miss Calañas learned to grow oyster mushrooms through Youtube and trainings. She also established a tissue culture in Mintal, Davao City.

Further, in 2017, she had different trainings in adding value to mushrooms. A year after, together with his husband, they set-up a 430-square-meter mushroom farmhouse.

At present, their business is branded as Axzel’s Mushroom Farm.

Woman behind the thriving of mushroom industry
Photo from Axzel’s Mushroom Farm

Based on the report, they offer crispy mushroom chicharon, mushroom powder, dried mushrooms, mushroom chili garlic, mushroom with bagoong, mushroom tocino, and mushroom tapa.

Interestingly, it was mentioned that their products have no preservatives.

Even they have their mushroom business, they are being challenged by the reality that the market has no idea about mushroom products.

Also, they find it difficult to introduce the crop because people thought products made from mushrooms are unsafe because of their wrong perception that the mushroom grew anywhere.

However, with patience and diligence, they continue to explain and introduce about growing and processing mushrooms.

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Future Outlook

To date,  Axzel’s mushroom farm is already facing high demands.  Moreover, they can help mushroom farmers in the region since Department of Agriculture, the Davao Region Mushroom Growers, helped the couple in obtaining a space in Abreeza Mall in August.

Also, you can buy their products as your souvenir.You can find their products at the NAJ PASALUBONG HAVEN store, located at the second floor of Davao International Airport.

They are also receiving orders through their Facebook page, Axzel’s Mushroom Farm.

Miss Calañas is one of the many people which turned challenges in agribusiness to opportunities.


Mushroom production a growing industry in Davao City


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