SWS: Hunger Increased by 10%

SWS: Hungerr among Families June 2019

Social Weather Survey (SWS) released its quarterly report about the families who experienced hunger during June 2019.

SWS: Hunger among Families Second Quarter 2019

The Second Quarter 2019 SWS, conducted from June 22-26, 2019, found that 10.0% or an estimated 2.5 million families experienced involuntary hunger at least once in the past three months. The measure of Hunger refers to involuntary suffering since the survey question specifies that the hunger experienced was due to lack of food to eat.

This is slightly higher than the 9.5% (est. 2.3 million families) in March 2019.

The 10.0% national quarterly Hunger rate in June 2019 is the sum of 8.7% (est. 2.1 million families) who experienced Moderate Hunger and 1.3% (est. 320,000 families) who experienced Severe Hunger.

Moderate Hunger refers to those who experienced hunger “Only Once” or “A Few Times” in the last three months, while Severe Hunger refers to those who experienced it “Often” or “Always” in the last three months.

The Moderate Hunger rate increased by 0.6 points, from 8.1% (est. 2 million families) in March 2019, to 8.7% in June.

Severe Hunger, meanwhile, remained at 1.3% in June as in March (est. 320,000 families).

The rise in the nationwide Hunger rate comes after a decrease of 3.8 percentage points within the previous three quarters. From 13.3% (est. 3.1 million families) in September 2018, it subsided to 10.5% (est. 2.4 million families) in December, and then to 9.5% (est. 2.3 million) in March 2019.

Hunger rises among poor and food poor families

The increase, however, happened only among the self-rated poor and self-rated food poor families. Self-Rated Poverty (SRP) measures the proportion of respondents rating their family as poor or mahirap. MeanwhileSelf-Rated Food Poverty (SRFP) measures the proportion of respondents rating the food their family eats as poor or mahirap.

Among self-rated poor families, the Hunger rate went up by 4.3 points, from 11.9% in March (est. 1.1 million families) in March, to 16.2% (est. 1.8 million families) in June.

In contrast, it went down by 3 points among self-rated non-poor families, from 7.9% (est. 1.2 million families) in March, to 4.9% (est. 664,000) in June.

Among self-rated food poor families, it went up from 14.2% (est. 959,000 million families) in March, to 17.3% (est. 1.5 million families) in June.

In contrast, it went down by 1.6 points among self-rated non-food poor families from 7.7% (est. 1.3 million families) in March, to 6.1% (est. 985,000 families) in June.

At any one point in time, quarterly Hunger among Self-Rated Poor and Food Poor families is always greater than Hunger among the Self-Rated Non-Poor and Non-Food Poor families.

Reported by: Second Quarter 2019 Social Weather Survey: Hunger at 10.0%; up among Poor and Food Poor families

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