Young Farmer Wins Award in Practicing Organic Farming

organic farming
Photo from PNA

Janel Juaton, a young organic farmer in Davao City, wins award in practicing best organic farming method.

His farm was commended by the first time and he will be awarded during Regional Organic Agriculture Congress next month.

Juaton hopes that more youth will be engaged in nurturing crops using organics and farmers will able to use his technologies.

According to the Philippine News Agency (PNA) report, Janel used organic farming since 2014. At the age of 27 years old, Janel realized that the said farming method is not only beneficial for one’s health but also to the environment.

Janel explained in the interview with PNA that organic farming is a method of producing crops without using the conventional and synthetic chemicals.

Aside from crops, he also naturally raised his native chickens, goats, fish and pigs.

“Farming naturally is not that easy”, Juaton said.

“You need to take into account the potential marketing skills, your finances and your labeling”, he added.

Juaton takes three years in turning his 4.2-hectare farm land into naturally organic.

To date, the farm obtained various certification from Participatory Guarantee System (PGS) and Masipag Farmers Guarantee System (MFGS).

The young farmer has given an outstanding young farmer/fisherfolk special award last month during the  Regional Gawad Saka Awarding of the Department of Agriculture (DA)-XI.

Apart from that, he became a member of Young Filipino Farmers team that came along in Japan to be trained in organic farming.

Young Davao farmer wins regional organic agri award


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