Rice as Treatment to Various Illnesses

rice as treatment to illnesses

rice as treatment to illnesses

Philippine Rice Research Institute (PhilRice) identified that 18 varieties of traditional rice were used as treatment to various illnesses.

Different varieties of traditional rice from various provinces of the country were used as medicinal alternatives.

According to Floper Manuel, the researcher leader, the roots of Munahan treat urinary tract infection. The grain and leaves of Minandiris or Binaritos regain men’s virility and treat herpes. Pindinga’s roots, leaves, and grains are treatment for allergy, itchiness and bloating.

Based on the report from Philstar, these varieties that were used as treatment are from Palawan.

Moreover, Manobo tribe from North Cotabota used Dinorado, Bagtok and Sawwi to cure indigestion and ailments caused by supernatural powers.

Report mentioned that Magaraya from Zamboanga is known for treating fever, stomach pains, diarrheas, colds, cough, measles, and body pains.

Manuel stated in the report that people used the said crop for curing illnesses because it is readily available for them.

Respectively,  based on Ethnobotanical studies, the traditional grain were confirmed to contribute importance in the healthcare system of the community over the years.

“Rice varieties consist of antioxidants such as phenolic compounds, vitamin E derivatives, and yoryzanol that are effective free radical scavengers”, Marissa Romero, Philrice scientist, said.


Traditional rice for medical use

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