6 Ways to Stay Healthy with a Busy Work Schedule

Most people lack time and motivation to stay healthy with their usual, tiring work routine. It may feel like a hopeless cause in a sedentary job, however, it is possible to look after your body better in terms of exercise, food and ergonomic practices. Despite the inactive work hours, tiredness from a long day, and temptation to eat unhealthy snacks, you can change your routine to be fitter and happier in the long run. Here are our top six ways to stay healthy with a busy work schedule. 

1. Use Your Commute

Instead of changing your schedule completely,  find ways to get in more exercise. A simple way to do this is to park your car slightly further from work than usual. This will force you to get in more steps in both the morning and evening. If you catch public transport, walk to a further bus stop or get off at an earlier stop to have the same effect. You will feel better for doing so even if not an intensive exercise, and you can be on the path to achieving the recommended ten thousand steps a day. You can even track our steps through wearing a Fitbit, especially now with their customizable chains to fit businesswear appropriate attire. Most phones will also have a health app that will track your steps, walking distance as well as flights of stairs you have climbed.

2. Netflix and Exercise Drill

It can definitely be difficult to motivate yourself into participating in exercise after a long workday, and you probably just want to sit in front of the television and catch up on The Bachelor. However, you can certainly combine both to get the best of both worlds. Get your partner or best friend involved,  whoever you usually watch with, and do your workouts in front of the television. By focusing on the show rather than your tiredness from the exercises, you can probably achieve more too. Try alternating planks, sit-ups and lunge exercises between commercial breaks. 

3. Healthy Work Snacks

Filling your desk up with unhealthy snacks will set yourself up for a non-nutritional feed and will usually leave you still feeling peckish. Snacknation recommends healthy snack ideas such as walnuts, celery with peanut butter, and roasted chickpeas as their top tasty foods to pick at in the workplace. The healthy intake at work does not stop at food, be careful of the drinks you consume! Liquid calories need to be cut such as soft drinks, sugary ice tea and juices at the work desk. Aim for water only, try sparkling if you are used to soft drinks, or take your coffee without sugar. You will get used to the lack of sweetness after a while, and if you have a sip of sugary drinks again, you will not believe how sickly sweet they taste!

4. 15 Minute Workouts 

Sacrifice a small amount of sleep in the morning and start trying 15-minute routines. Whether it is a workout, yoga, or pilates, it will have you feeling energised and motivated for the day ahead at work. Apps are available to help give you routine ideas and time you, so you still get to work on time. The small time commitment and morale boost make it the perfect option for someone with a busy work schedule. 

5. Get Moving at Work

Once you are at work, especially if you have a sedentary job, it may feel hopeless to try to get in some exercise. However, it is possible. Some ideas include always taking the stairs, and walking around the office whenever you are on a phone call. If you have a meeting with a coworker, walk and talk around the block instead of sitting in a meeting room. Moreover, you should use your work break wisely; never stay in the office for lunch. Even if you bring lunch from home, take a walk around the block to get some fresh air. 

6. More than Fitness

Your physical health is not limited to just getting in a workout, it also means having sufficient ergonomic practices put into the workplace. Ensure your chair is at the right height and your back is straight to prevent aches and pains. Start rolling your shoulders back on the hour to realign your posture, and stop your neck from leaning too far forward. Standing desks are not only becoming trendier but also have the benefits of reducing back pain, avoiding shoulder pain, and increasing circulation throughout your body. If you get sore eyes or headaches from always looking at a screen, make a conscious effort to blink more or invest in blue light blocking lenses to ease the strains and tension. 

Between fitting in workouts, making healthier decisions with transport, and eating better throughout the workday, it is possible to stay healthy with a busy schedule. Do not forget to look after your muscles and joints by applying ergonomic practices daily as well. Ultimately, feel fitter and energised to get through your schedule!

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