USDA Grants PhP1.6B for Dairy Goat Farming

dairy goat farming

The National Dairy Authority (NDA) will soon to implement the PhP 1.6B dairy goat farming to ensure farmers’ livelihood opportunities.

As cited in the report from Philstar, the dairy goat farming project is funded by the United States Department of Agriculture.

The said project aims to provide access to dairy goats, infrastructure, technology and other inputs to farmers in rural areas.

NDA mentioned in the report that this project aims in improving the local dairy goat industry and boost local milk productionto contribute to the achievement of significant milk sufficiency level.

Respectively, this will be implemented under the US Public Law 480, also known as the Agricultural Trade Development and Assistance Act.  “This act focuses on using agricultural productivity to enhance the food security of developing countries like the Philippines to ensure food security,” report stated.

Among the three types of dairy animals namely, cattle, carabao and goat, the least obtained local dairy production is the goat with 13,975 heads.

“There is a need to increase support to the local dairy goat industry to suffice the increasing market demand for milk,” NDA said.

“Some 750 farmers will be the direct beneficiaries of 10 goats each and some 1,150 second line beneficiaries of offspring of original goats procured. Other beneficiaries are goat raisers and fatteners, feed producers, milk processors and milk product retailers,” report said.

The Department of Agriculture (DA) targets that by the end of the project, to obtain and distribute  7,875 heads of dairy goats to determine beneficiaries n new and existing dairy areas nationwide. Also, DA will establish 75 dairy goat farms with built shared facilities and equipment that will serve as source of local dairy goats.

Aside from those outlooks, DA will install 10 mini milk processing plants, six semen collection and processing centers. Moreover, trainings will be conducted to 750 farmer recipients of dairy goats and 75 project trainers.


USDA allocates P1.6 billion funding for goat farming



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