Chocolate Producer Trains Cacao Suppliers and Processors

halal producer in Davao trains cacao suppliers and producers

halal producer in Davao trains cacao suppliers and producers

In Davao City, MS3 Agri-Ventures Corp. conducted food-handling training to its Cacao suppliers and processors to meet halal standards.

As cited in the report from Business World, the company’s chief executive officer and director, Neil Q. Santillan, led in organizing the Davao City Chocolate Processors Association.

Moreover, the company will financed facilities of the Cacao suppliers such as solar dryers and fermentation boxes.

“Our association has different clusters and each cluster were taught how to properly ferment that is halal-compliant, para at least walang (so that at least there will be no) contamination,” Santillan stated in the report of Business World.

Apart from that, Santillan also emphasized that his company aims to produce more halal food because he determined that producers in the Philippines do not create much halal food.

MS3 Agri-Ventures is a livelihood project among Overseas Filipino workers (OFWs). Some of the partners are Catholics and from Indigenous communities.

Even though they are diverse, they are united to help Cacao farmers.

Interestingly, the company signed last July a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with a Malaysian company which allows the company to market its products.

“The MoU also paves the way for a planned joint venture agreement with the Malaysian firm processing the ingredients and the finished product carrying the MS3 brand,” report said.

Santillan also mentioned that the members of the Malaysia Chamber of Commerce visited MS3 Agri-Ventures’ factory. Also, some investors offer help in to improve their halal compliance.


Chocolate maker training suppliers in halal food-handling practices, signs Malaysia deal




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