Western Visayas Shifts to Organic Agriculture

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organic agriculture in western visayas

Western Visayas reached 90 percent of its target area on organic agriculture among regions, making the region as one of the top performers on organic agriculture, the National Organic Agriculture Program (NOAP) of the Department of Agriculture (DA) reported.

Julian Nicole Garcia, project assistant 3 of the DA national office, in an interview on Tuesday with Philippine News Agency (PNA) said that each year,  they target to convert large areas to organic farming.

“Out of the 460,456 hectares dedicated to agriculture in Western Visayas, the region targets to convert a total of 32,231 hectares for organic farming,” PNA reported.

In the first quarter of 2019, Region 6 converted 28,976 hectares into organic areas.

PNA also mentioned that the region was provided with “support to farm production inputs like seeds and fertilizers; machinery and equipment; production facilities; and irrigation network services by NOAP”.

Moreover, Garcia stated that financial assistance were given to provide funds to equip farmers and stakeholders. Organic farmers are also guaranteed that assistance in marketing is also provided.

Recently, Regional Organic Agriculture Congress was conducted at Casa Real de Iloilo. Garcia said that  “this aims to promote organic industry here in the Philippines. There are some farmers and consumers that are not fully aware of this.”

Organic produces are also exhibited during the event.

McAlter Lanzon, project assistant 4 of DA national office, enocuraged farmers to produce vegetables organically.

Organic farming is a very important thing in terms of lifestyle and benefits since organic is healthy. Being fully fed by organic products is a highly essential nowadays since the length of our lifespan became shortened. (This is a) Big factor to increase the life of Filipino people,” Lanzon mentioned in the report.

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W. Visayas tops performance on organic agriculture


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