PH Soon to Promote the Development of Bamboo Industry

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development of bamboo industry

Law in promoting the development of bamboo industry in the Philippines has been pushed by AAMBIS-OWA Party-list Rep. Sharon Garin in the House of Representatives last Monday.

Garin said that the House Bill 3373, or the Philippine Bamboo Industry Development Act, aims to minimize carbon footprint. Moreover, the sustainable management and appropriate utilization of the country’s bamboo resources are also being promoted by the bill.

“The proposed law would also support livelihood programs that target Persons with Disabilities (PWDs), the marginalized sector, the unemployed, and retrenched Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) for preference employment,” Garin said.

Apart from economic benefits, the development of the bamboo industry enables to lock carbon in its fiber and in the soil where it grows. Ms. Garin explained that bamboo does not entail replanting because it recuperates on its own. It regulates the water flow and prevents water erosion.

“This is an opportune time to utilize bamboo, both economically and environmentally. Bamboo has properties of fast growth and rejuvenation after cutting, which makes it a harvestable yield every one to two years once maturity is reached,” she mentioned.

Respectively, the proposed law will allow the Department of Environment and Natural Resources to mandate the use bamboo as planting material for at least 20 percent of its annual reforestation and rehabilitation programs.

“The bill mandates the creation of the 10-year Philippine Bamboo Framework for Development, which shall provide for a systematic, multi-pronged approach that would serve as a guide in the formulation and implementation of plans, projects, programs, and policies concerning the Philippine bamboo industry,” the Philippine News Agency (PNA) reported.


Lawmaker pushes for dev’t of PH bamboo industry


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