PH Engages to Greater Market Access in US

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PH engages to greater market access for US

The Philippine government continues to enforce efforts to obtain greater market access for agricultural crops in United States.

United States is known as country’s top market for agricultural crops and products.

“The government continues to engage its counterparts through government-to-government outreach on policies that have bearing on trade and business activities between Manila and Washington,” Josyline Javelosa , Agricultural attaché to the US said.

“Philippines has several pending requests with the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) after successfully getting the green light to export bananas, mangoes and fresh young coconut”, she added.

She emphasized that the country enforces for better and greater market access in US for its agricultural products.

Moreover, the engagement with the USDA’s market access regulation is going on for the penetration of the Philippine agricultural exports.

Apart from the greater market access, Philippines also asked USDA to waive the pre-inspection requirement for mangoes.

“We are trying to do away with the pre-waiver inspection for mangoes because it entails more costs making our mango less competitive especially compared from the mango coming from the nearby Mexico,” Javelosa said.

Other crops such as okra was also included to be exported in US.

Javelosa mentioned that there is a request from the Department of Agriculture in Manila that has been pending  to export okra to US.

“This will go through a long process like for bananas and mangoes which took several years… but we should be ready, so when it is opened up then we have the supply to export to the US,” Javelosa reported.

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The agricultural attaché to the US discussed that the Philippines can take advantage on the lost of Thailand’s eligibility under a US trade preference program through the general system of preference (GSP) for several products including okra.

Respectively, Philippines asked US in expanding the point of entry for Philippine pineapple that is currently limited to Guam, Northern Marianas Island, and the North Atlantic region.

Source: Philippine pushes greater access for agri products in US




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