Villar Supports the Suspension of Rice Importation

suspension of rice importation
(Photo credit from Sunstar Bacolod)

Senator Cynthia Villar supports the order of President Rodrigo Duterte regarding suspension of rice importation.

According to the senator, the suspension of rice importation is good for local rice farmers.

During the 14th Negros Island Organic Farmers’ Festival at the Provincial Capitol, she explained that securing sanitary permits is needed before importing produce.

She added that the domestic rice supply is not enough that’s why the country always import.

“The national government will delay the importation until the end of the harvest season so their products can be sold,” Villar reported.

“Villar informed local officials of Negros Occidental in her speech that the government under the Rice Competitiveness Enhancement Fund is distributing to 947 rice-producing towns in the country with a minimum rice land of 100 hectares, ” report mentioned.

Duterte’s Action About the Suspension of Rice Importations

“President Rodrigo Duterte has ordered Agriculture Secretary William Dar to suspend the importation of rice in order to help local farmers who suffered from the rice tariffication law,” Sunstar news said.

The president gave an order last November 19 in order to prevent riots which resulted from hunger and lack of food supply.

Respectively, the president explained that the lack of rice production is brought about by the failure of local farmers to forecast their production amidst the climate change, which can really affect the projected outcome.

Importantly, Duterte can stop importation but not tarrification because corruption should be eradicated in the rice industry.

“Duterte ordered the Congress to appropriate the needed funds to buy “all the rice” from local farmers and additional stocks needed to feed millions of consumers,” report mentioned.

Further, Duterte also emphasized that the prohibition period is not yet certain because he wanted that farmers can earn from what their operations.

Moreover, Villar supports government’s agriculture mechanization program through providing P5 million worth of equipment for the next six years for every towns.


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