Livestock to Boost Farmers’ Livelihood in Ilocos


The livestock program of the Department of Agriculture in Ilocos aims to boost farmers’ livelihood in Ilocos.

” About 12,000 heads of cattle, pig, goat, sheep, ducks and free-range chicken, among others, are set for distribution next week to selected farmer-beneficiaries in the province heavily devastated by previous typhoons, ” according to the report of the Philippine News Agency (PNA).

Respectively, apart from aiming to boost farmers’ livelihood in Ilocos, the ongoing distribution of the livestocks aims to fasten government’s delivery to help the victims of the calamities in Ilocos.

“Ilocos Norte residents are lucky to be included in the typhoon rehabilitation program for their faster recovery,” Dr. Loida Valenzuela, Provincial veterinarian, said.

The beneficiaries from Solsona town will receive 75 female goats and 84 sheep, with four males.

Moreover, the Department of Agriculture in collaboration with the Ilocos Norte Provincial Government organized training in livestock-raising before the formal turned over happened.

This event was carried-out to ensure that the animals will be well taken care of.

DA distributes animals while the Ilocos Norte government provides hog grower pellets for the recipients of native pigs.

Currently, the livestock farm-holders are increasing in the region which improve stock breeding and provide more source of livings of the farmers.

“To back this move, the Agricultural Training Institute has allocated PHP1.2M for the training on cattle-raising and other related training in the province as it envisioned to have more multiplier farms to become agri-tourism sites in the future,” report from PNA stated.


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