Bill to Implement Vertical Farming in the Philippines

vertical farming
Photo from Sunstar

A bill to promote and implement urban and vertical farming in the Philippines was created and pushed by the Senate on agriculture and food for senate plenary.

“The Committee tackled Senate Bill Nos. 257, 280, 587 and 1264, which all sought to institutionalize urban agriculture and vertical farming. Urban agriculture is the practice of food production and distribution within a town or city; while vertical farming concerns indoor agriculture in modern buildings,” reported from Business World.

Interestingly, the secondary and tertiary education will include on how to do urban and vertical farming on the curriculum for both public and private schools.

The said bill is being supported by the Department of Agriculture because it is in line in addressing the concern of food security in the Philippines.

The agencies are encouraged to do comprehensive studies regarding the urban farming. DA would also like to develop the participation of the local government unit.

“The Department, through ATI (Agriculture Training Institute), will partner with LGUs and other related entities and agencies in promoting new trends and technology in urban agriculture,” Undersecretary Rodolfo V. Vicerra told the panel.

“Another bill author, Sen. Grace S. Poe-Llamanzares, prescribes funding for implementation to be set at 2% of the budget of the Department of Science and Technology, Department of Education, Commission on Higher Education and the Department of Interior and Local Government,” report added.

Moreover, Vicerra mentioned that the bill gives a free hand to appropriate funds as necessary in close coordination with local government units.

The Bureau of Plant Industry (BPI) will serve as the body to implement the projects of urban farming.


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