DA Allows 35K Importation of Red Onions

importation of red onions

The Department of Agriculture (DA) authorized the importation of red onions amounted to 35,000 metric tons to pull back the prices of the said crop.

Moreover, the DA Secretary William Dar gave a go signal for the importation of red onions (35,000 metric tons) to plug the two-month production gap in the country during the press conference.

“These red onions can only be brought in up until mid-February so that it will not be in competition with the main harvest time of the local farmers starting March,” Dar said.

Accordingly, the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) revealed that the price of red onion is at PHP195 per kilogram for wholesale last December 2019.

In supermarkets and groceries, the price ranges from Php 150 to Php 200 per kilogram.

Further, China is one of the sources of the imported red onions.

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