DA-XI confirms ASF in Davao City

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ASF in Davao City

The Department of Agriculture confirmed that African Swine Fever (ASF) enters Davao City after two barangays in Calinan was positive of the disease.

“The blood samples of pigs from barangay Lamanan and Domingga which was collected and submitted to the Bureau of Animal Industry (BAI) on January 31 and February 3 tested positive of ASF,” Engr. Ricardo Oñate Jr., regional director of DA 11 said.

“Just like what happened in Don Marcelino, we will also use the same protocols and we will be giving the PHP5,000 indemnification per swine to the affected hog raisers,” he added.

Respectively, 1-7-10 protocol will be imposed similar in Don Marcelino town in Davao Occidental where the first case of ASF in Mindanao occurred.

“It means that in a one-kilometer radius from the site of infection or ground zero, hogs will be prohibited from entering or leaving the area, and the site is to eventually be depopulated,” report from Philippine News Agency (PNA) mentioned.

“Within a seven-kilometer radius, hogs would also be under surveillance with restricted movements, and blood testing would be done,” report stated.

Moreover, a mandatory monitoring and reporting of the said swine disease shall be implemented within the ten-kilometer radius from ground zero.

Reports of ASF in Davao City

There were six blood samples from barangay Lamanan which were tested by the BAI on January 31, 2020. Three samples were positive of the disease.

On the other, two samples from Barangay Domingga were also positive with the disease.

There were sixteen pigs from Brgy. Domingga died and blood samples are needed to be submitted for examination.

“We have already placed the two barangays on lockdown to further prevent the spread of ASF,” Pinili said.

Further, there are 1,400 heads of pigs in barangay Lamanan and 600 in barangay Domingga are subject for culling.

Addressing the concern of ASF cases

According to the statement of Pinili in the report of PNA, they will impose strict biosecurity on checkpoints. The live pigs, meat and other meat products cooked or fresh coming from these barangays will no longer be transported outside.

Further, hog raisers in Calinan will acquire assistance from the City government of Davao, especially the affected barangays in Lamanan and Domingga.

Reference: DA confirms ASF case in Davao City

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