Ilocos Norte to Push Organic Farming for Soil Restoration

soil restoration in ilocos
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The provincial government of Ilocos Norte is urged farmers to shift for organic farming for soil restoration.

In the various parts of the province, soil testing was carried out to help farmers identify the suitable crops to be cultivated in their respective agricultural land.

 “Soil restoration has already been completed in at least 18 towns and two cities of Ilocos Norte,” Edwin Cariño, head of the SDC office, said.

“Right now, we are eyeing other towns of the province such as in Adams, Dumalneg, and Carasi to have their soil rehabilitated because of too much use of inorganic fertilizer,” Cariño added.

Moreover, farmers are being informed about the level of soil fertility through the color-coded soil fertility map that is being popularized among them.

Respectively, through the color-coded map, there is a corresponding recommendation for fertilizer for rice.

For other crops, fertilizer requirement can be computed throught the assistance of the agriculture extension workers.

“In response to President Rodrigo Duterte’s directive to the Agriculture department to help farmers boost productivity, a nationwide soil analysis was conducted to determine areas most suitable for rice farming and optimize production with the use of effective soil rehabilitation and fertilization,” the Philippine News Agency (PNA) reported.

Apart from that, the government is pushing organic farming. Farmers should use the farm waste as organic fertilizer instead of burning it.

At present, some local government units are distributing farm inputs such as organic fertilizers to enable farmers to realize the long-term effect of cultivating produce naturally.

Source: ‘Soil restoration’ to cover all parts of Ilocos Norte

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