NZ to Support Mindanao’s Agriculture & Green Energy

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Mindanao's agriculture

The government of New Zealand is interested to have partnership to aid and support Mindanao’s agriculture and renewable energy.

“We are interested in working together on areas where we have strengths and one of those is the renewable energy. That is one of the areas we want to work and support in Mindanao,” Ambassador Peter Kell said in an interview late Thursday on the sidelines of a scholarship promotion event.

“Eighty percent of New Zealand’s energy supply is currently from hydropower, geothermal, wind, and solar, and the government is aiming for a 100% green mix by 2035,” Kell added.

Apart from supporting Mindanao’s agriculture, the government of New Zealand would like to support the efforts of the government of the Philippines in developing peace and economic growth in Bangsamoro Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (BARMM) through assisting in establishing green energy sources.

“The biomass is another renewable energy source that can be explored with New Zealand,” Honorary Consul of New Zealand in Mindanao Vicente T. Lao, also chair of the Mindanao Business Council mentioned.

“Mindanao has a lot of potential biomass input from the banana farms and other agriculture areas,” Lao added.

Respectively, Kell emphasized that the they can contribute their expertise on establishing renewable energy.

In terms of agriculture, New Zealand would like to strengthen the cooperation with the Mindanao Development Authority (MinDA) and create initiatives with the help of David Strachan, Kell’s predecessors.

“The New Zealand government has provided $2.4 million in financial aid package for the training of mango sprayers and growers in Mindanao,” the report from Business World mentioned.

Reference: New Zealand seeking Mindanao green energy, agriculture partnerships

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