Bayer and XAG to promote digital technology for agriculture

digital technology for agriculture

Bayer, German pharmaceutical firm, and XAG’s drones will promote digital technology for agriculture such as artificial intelligence  and remote sensing.

Respectively Bayer will work closely with XAG, Chinese agricultural drone creator, to set-up remote sensing that will help map farms and collect crop growth information.

“We know that we need to double food production to feed 10 billion people by 2050. But we also know that we will not get more land or resources to do so. This is where digital farming comes into the picture,” Bayer CropScience division head Andre Kraide said.

The efforts in promoting digital technology for agriculture will help Filipino farmers monitor soil and control pests which will result to more yields.

With the help of these technologies, farmers will no longer suffer in handling farm challenges such as labor shortage, water availability, product stewardship and safe use.

“XAG’s drones, specifically the granule spreading system, is used in seeding, fertilization and plant protection in an aerial way through AI techniques,” Philstar reported.

“XAG has a 20 million-hectare crop protection service record and its product portfolio includes survey and spray drones, agricultural utility vehicles, and IoT (Internet of Things) equipment such as weather stations and farm cameras,” report added.

Interestingly, resources and time will be saved if fertilizers will be applied fast and efficient that can significantly increase yieldings.

Efforts of Bayer in Promoting Digital Technology for Agriculture

 “As the leader in agriculture, Bayer is committed to enabling smallholder farmers access to digital technology and solutions. We look forward to working closely with XAG, our channel and value chain partners, as well as the governments and other key stakeholders in the countries to leapfrog the smart agricultural movement in Southeast Asia and Pakistan from farm to table,” Kraide said.

Through the channels of Bayer, XAG products will be distributed. Both XAG and Bayer will promote and develop markets through partnerships with local distributors.


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