COVID-19 Updates: Two Confirmed Cases in Davao City – DOH

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Photo from Philippine Information Agency

The Department of Health (DOH) Region XI announced on its COVID-19 updates that Davao City has two confirmed cases.

Respectively, PH262 and PH263 are couples and came from Metro Manila last March 6, 2020. Both of the are asymptomatic.

“PH262 is a 47-year old male. On-set symptoms of colds which started last March 13, 2020,” DOH Davao Region reported.

“Meanwhile, PH263 is 47-year old female, wife of PH262, acquired colds and body malaise as on-set symptoms that began last March 9, 2020,” it added.

Specimens of the patients were collected last March 13, 2020 and were sent to Research Institute for Tropical Medicine (RITM).

Currently, both patients are asymptomatic , and are on strict quarantine.

Based on the report of DOH, patients are subject for retesting.

In addition, test kits already arrived in the Southern Philippines Medical Center.

“Currently there are 96 recorded Patients Under Investigation (PUIs) within Region XI. With the number of PUIs are still at a manageable level, the Department of Health Center for Health Development (DOH DCHD) is taking a proactive approach in addressing the possible surge of PUIs within the Region,” the Philippine Information Agency (PIA) news.

“Before the patients will be cleared out of COVID-19, two negative results that are 48 hours apart shall be conducted,” DOH Davao Region stated.

Apart from that COVID-19 updates, as of 4 P.M of today (March 21, 2020), there are 307 cases of COVID-19 in the Philippines.

There are 19 affected people died due to the highly contagious disease.

Further, 13 patients who were affected with COVID-19 have already recovered.

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