Top Poultry Grower in Northern Luzon Assisted by Landbank

poultry grower in northern luzon
Photo from Manila Standard

Landbank assisted the top poultry grower in Northern Luzon, Top Jong Farm, through additional funds and new equipment.

Moreover, channel-ventilated system, a climate-controlled system which maintained the temperature of the poultry houses, was also installed to ensure high-quality of harvests.

Landbank helped Top Jong Farm to modernize its facilities.

Currently, San Miguel Corporation awarded Top Jong Farm as Top 1 Poultry Grower in Northeast Luzon for 2020.

Story of the Poultry Grower in Northern Luzon

Top Jong Farm started in 1994 with 400 locals. Jonathan “Jong” Diaz, together with his wife, applied as a contract grower in San Miguel Corp.

“At that time, the poultry business was booming, and I wanted to be a part of that,” Jong said.

In his initial housing, he obtained 5,000 heads to start his business.

As his business was booming, Jong seeks to expand his business but he does not have any capital for it.

“I heard about the services of LANDBANK, on how they prioritize agricultural projects and businesses. I thought it was a shot at the moon, but I applied for a loan anyway. Thankfully, it was approved,” Jong said.

With the help of Landbank, he was able to increase 11,500 chickens per cycle.

According to the report from Manila Standard, Jong also received revolving credit line for the improvement of his poultry breeding facilities.

At present, Top Jong Farm attained three poultry houses with 40,000 chickens per house with equipped ventilation system.

“LANDBANK’s services are better as compared to other banks. They have lower interest rates, and that is a big help for us small business owners, especially for those who are just starting out,” Jong said.

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