Basic Ways to Make Your Money Work for You


In every recession, cash is deemed to be the king. Thus, being liquid nowadays are really important. To young adults, keep in mind that you should compel to ways to make your money work for you.

No matter how much you are earning, the most important thing you should learn is to handle it. It does not mean that if you are earning more, you have more reserves. More often, as people earn more, they choose to increase their lifestyle making them spend more.

Here are simple yet practical ways to make your money work for you:

Eliminate unnecessary debt

If you are planning to loan, make sure that you use it for leverage. Use the money you loan as capital to make earn more. But if you only want to borrow money for new phones, clothes, cars, and other things that you do not need the most, then you should eliminate it.
But if you have one now, it is ideal to pay it first rather than funding an investment.

Save 20-30% of your income

When you receive your income, it is important to prioritize yourself first. Learn to set a portion of your salary for your future. Well, a little sacrifice will truly benefit you in the future.
To motivate you to save, prime your mind that if you do not save, you will end up working longer just to sustain your life. Do not let the life you have now live for you for the rest of the years, by saving, you enable yourself to live the life you are dreaming for the rest of the years.

Pursue passive incomes and side hustles

If you find that you can’t save more because of your income, learn to find ways to obtain passive income. Based on the mindset of entrepreneurs, passive income contributes to financial security.
Interestingly, it is ideal to capitalize on your skills and abilities for side-hustles. By this, you do not only enjoy what you are doing but you are earning as well. The key to attaining passive income is to be creative.

Invest in things that have less risks

Before investing, learn, and understand how you can earn. Warren Buffet says that you should not invest in something you do not understand. The complexity of the stocks and bonds may not be your risk appetite. It does not mean that most people are investing in these markets you should also join them.

“Turn to trusted sources of financial information that emphasize risk management, backed by sound research,” Ken Berman, CEO of Gorilla Trades, suggested.

It entails a little to more sacrifices to make your money work for you. Initially, these ways will not be that easy but when you try your best to make these habits part of your life, you are ensured that your money will eventually work for you.


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Nath Mindanao

An Agribusiness economist. I scribble more about agriculture, politics and economics.