Actor cutting the Vaccination Priority Line, President Duterte commands an Investigation


After an actor allegedly cutting the vaccination priority line to get inoculated, President Duterte commands an investigation to initiate as soon as possible.

The individual received the initial dose of the AstraZeneca (AZ) vaccine.

The incident occurred within Parañaque and noted that the accused actor was from the lineage of well-known actors in the entertainment industry.

“It happened sa Parañaque. This is a child of an actor. It’s up to you to investigate this,”

President Duterte instructed DOH Sec. Duque from a pre-recorded briefing last Wednesday.

The Mayor of Parañaque, Edwin Olivarez, defended the actor stating he’s considerably within the priority line because of comorbidities like depression and hypertension.

President Duterte said that although he understands the Filipino psyche, the prevailing situation is far from ordinary.

Furthermore, the President revealed that the country’s representative of WHO informed him:

“If you do not follow the list of priority, you might lose the assistance of the WHO.”

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Lois I.