Are You a “Textmoso” like Daniel Padilla?


Daniel Padilla became a trending topic once again because of him being a “textmoso“.

What does “textmoso” mean?

“Textmoso” is the result of playing with a combination of words. For instance, “text” is derived from sending or receiving a message through the phone. “Moso” is a short-cut version of “chismoso,” which means the nosy guy.

He recently uploaded a photo on his social media account showing both him and his girlfriend, Kathryn Bernardo.

While they were seated on a sofa, the photo candidly caught Padilla sneaking a glance over Bernardo while using her phone.

His followers could not help but find the situation hilarious, stating it was relatable.

Have you had your “textmoso” or “textmosa” moment with your loved one recently?

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