Claire dela Fuente “Jukebox Queen” dies at 62


Veteran OPM singer and entrepreneur, the “Jukebox Queen” Claire dela Fuente passes away on March 30, 2020, Tuesday. She was sixty-two years old.

According to her son, Gregorio de Guzman, De la Fuente had underlying health issues, such as diabetes and hypertension. However, anxiety and stress could be significant factors triggering the cardiac arrest, De la Fuente’s cause of death.

Last Friday, De la Fuente had them tested for coronavirus. Gregorio de Guzman was asymptomatic, but his mother manifested cold, cough, and low-grade fever symptoms. Monitoring her health status was essential; thus, she was advised to find a hospital, but their efforts to get a room turned futile.

Her son shared that his mother had to stay at a tent outside of the Las PiƱas Doctors Hospital on Saturday. De la Fuente was waiting to be admitted. On Monday, March 29, 2020, they transported her to Pope John Paul II Hospital and Medical Center. She didn’t get admitted and stayed inside the emergency room, where she, unfortunately, passed away.

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