Ivana Alawi Reveals her Childhood Dreams, Career Rejections and the Worst Dating Experience

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As a means to celebrate “Women’s Month”, Toni Gonzaga invited and interviewed Ivana Alawi. It still trends #1 on Youtube as Alawi reveals her childhood dreams, career rejections, and worst dating experience.

However, throughout the episode, Alawi’s revelation surprised Gonzaga as it appears that a particular date became a disaster!

Alawi talked about her childhood dream, and she laughed, remembering that she once wished to become a “yaya” or nanny. She recounted she was happy with her nanny, who was always with her, cleaning, and felt like they were family.

She then set her heart on becoming a dancer, and pursued the career of being an actress and artist. The road to where she is right now wasn’t easy as the rejections kept on coming. Vlogging became an option suggested by her sibling, and then the rest was history. Alawi, fascinated and grateful by the people’s acceptance of her said that,

“I am so happy because I’m being myself.”

When Gonzaga asked her what her worst date experience was, she unveiled

“pinagsisigawan niya yung waiter, pinagmumura nya.” (He was screaming at the waiter, cursing him.)

Immediately, she felt turned off by her date’s inhumane behavior stating,

“kung ganyan sya magtrato sa waiter, he can treat anyone else like that.”

(If that’s how he treats the waiter, he can treat anyone else like that.)

She walked out. Gonzaga asked again,

“Artista yun?” (Was he an artist?)

Alawi just smiled, but then both women laughed!

Watch the full interview here.

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