Jon Gutierrez Mocks Andres’ Sister on Social Media


After Candy Andres Monroe’s post about Jon Gutierrez’s cheating issues, Gutierrez openly remarked on it.

Monroe’s rage became viral in an instant, with thousands of likes, shares and comments. Eventually, Gutierrez posted on his account too stating:

“Buong pamilya yata gusto na maging vlogger at influencer eh. Di lahat ng bagay pinopost sa social media po. Good night guys!”

(It seems like everyone in the family wantsto become a vlogger and influence. There are things that are not meant to be posted on social media. Good night guys!:)

However, the replies from Jelai Andres’ account keeps on coming.

(THIS IS JELAI’S ELDER SISTER – so, because I cannot leave a comment (on your account), all I can say is you are rude. For the entirety of our family, I am the only one who talks to you even before. I pitied you that why you NEVER heard anything from me even when you cheated on my sister. AND YOU NEVER APOLOGIZED TO OUR PARENTS. But Jelai always forgave you. What do you mean I want to be famous and become a vlogger? Oh my goodness, little boy, there’s no need because you’re the one who makes our family famous for all the shameful things you have done to us.)

(Now, all of a sudden, you know the words “fixed” and “wife”. “Privately”??? Ahhh privately like the filth that you do. I am tired of not fighting back. I am the one being bashed to the extreme extent because of the things that you do.)

Apparently, Andres’ family were able to find out Gutierrez was playing fire with someone else after hiring a private investigator. Candy furthermore revealed the abuse Gutierrez does to her sister, by calling Jelai “stupid” in front of their father.

A few screenshots circulating online is Jon Gutierrez admittance that he did sleep with someone but decided not to continue to do it because the woman’s private smelled bad.

Oh mga chismosang kapitbahay, mainit-init pa☕☕🥴 ATE NI JELAI vs. KING BADGER❗

Posted by Baby ko si Kulot on Saturday, 27 March 2021

A name was dragged into the issue, Yskaela or Yaena Fujimot, but said she wasn’t the one involved with Gutierrez.

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