Community Pantry ransacked by a group of women


Community Pantry is taking over cities in countries all over the world.

As everyone knows, millions of people worldwide are suffering from the current health crisis.

In the Philippines, most citizens rely on their daily wages to buy food and necessities for their families. But as the restrictions and lockdowns left many businesses to close and employees booted from their work.

Thus, seeing community pantries initiated by generous and kind-hearted individuals gave something to those in dire need of hope and compassion.

However, on April 19, 2021, a group of women ransacked the prepared community pantry in Barangay Kapitolyo, Pasig City.

From the CCTV footage, the organizer only set up the pantry for 2 hours before the six women stripped all the food, only leaving the table bare. The women had eco-bags slipped in their shorts and surrounded the table. One even took two trays of eggs!

Carla Quiogue, who initiated the community pantry, was shocked when she saw what happened to their prepared food.

Quiogue conversed with the women and explained that they would share what they got with their neighbors too. Carla Quiogue couldn’t help herself and told the women that they should have taken the table as well.

The group of women took two trays of eggs, eight pcs. of plastic cellophane containing half-kilo of rice, twenty pcs. of instant noodles, thirty pcs. of canned goods, biscuits, coffee, and some fresh bananas.

When the women left, other people came after hearing the news that of the pantry set up for them. Unfortunately, they only saw the bare table.

Quiogue investigated the ladies’ claims to confirm that they were sharing them with their neighbors. But it was all a lie.

Disappointed is an understatement from the incident. Nevertheless, Quiogue is determined to open the community pantry again with more to offer to the people as donations flooded them when the video became viral on social media.

The act of kindness and love from Quiogue and other community pantry organizers is truthfully astonishing! May they be blessed with happiness, success, and more abundance.

“Do your little bit of good where you are; it is those little bits of good put together that overwhelm the world.” ~ Desmond Tutu

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Lois I.