Demonic Cult in Davao del Norte, Spreads Fear and Terror to locals


You often see or hear rumors of cult whether you are in the city or province. When the news reaches people, it became a habit to disregard it.

That is until the talks become too loud to ignore as videos and posts on social media amplify.

The videos often consist of people frightened out of their wits as someone’s knocking on their doors. The cult disturbs homes in the wee hours at night and bangs the doors as if there’s a need for urgency to open for them.

However, according to the rumors, the moment the victims open the door, they are stabbed to death! People say that the cult does incantations that make them invisible; even dogs cannot sense their presence.

The local police force at Santo Tomas Municipal Police Station from Santo Tomas, Davao del Norte, extends their surveillance and investigation efforts.

On the interview Mart Sambalud, Santo Tomas Municipal Information Officer, who confirms receiving reports about the allegations of a cult killing and spreading fear in their area.

From their official police report, there’s been a recorded incident of the cult terrorizing people in Purok 6, Barangay Pantaron, Santo Tomas, Davao del Norte.

Santo Tomas Municipal Police Station continues its probes on who the members are involved in the alleged cult.

From SunStar Davao’s conference on April 12, Sambalud stated:

“We could not confirm, as of the moment, if such rumor is true but what the Santo Tomas PNP [Philippine National Police] is doing is to gather initial information and vet this information so that an appropriate action would be taken by the police.”

Sambalud further encouraged the local citizens that whether the reports are accurate or not, it is best to remain vigilant at all times.

Please report to your respective Punong Barangays if there are threats made by unknown individuals especially at night,” he added.

He urged the people in their municipality to remain indoors at all times, make sure the doors are unlocked, and always check before opening the door.

Videos from social media:

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