Did Janus del Prado shade Gerald Anderson as a ‘Coward’


Who says a man and a woman cannot be good friends?

In truth, many men and women have a strong bond that is entirely non-romantic. Others even share closeness as if they are like family, always watching each others’ back.

Such is the attachment Janus del Prado, and Bea Alonzo have.

A few years ago, Bea Alonzo and Gerald Anderson became a couple. Their relationship has went through some bumps along the road.

But, what made people talk about them more was the involvement of another name, Julia Barreto. All allegations were denied, especially, from Barreto and Anderson.

Now, Anderson and Barreto officially confirm their relationship, and Alonzo is rumored to be dating someone else.

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But, history repeats itself.

A few weeks ago, Alonzo and Anderson, the former celebrity sweethearts trended when the latter denied the former’s statements of “ghosting,” thus ended their relationship. Alonzo revealed that she experienced “gaslighting” while she was with Anderson.

On April 15, 2021, del Prado posted a photo of a quote about relationships on his IG account @janusdelprado.

del Prado with the caption, “#titoquotes uploaded the quote stating:

‘A real man will apologize for his mistakes and accept his shortcomings to try to become a better version of himself. A coward will lie, manipulate, redirect blame and play the victim role just to save face. @janusdelprado’

Followers and fans presume that the recent posts of del Prado seem to have a connection to Anderson’s tell-all of his relationship with Barreto.

Many think that del Prado’s puzzling posts on IG appear to support his good friend, Alonzo.

What’s your take on del Prado’s post?

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