Fine, Suspension against Gabo and Buknoy


Controversy seems to follow young Filipino vlogger “Buknoy Glamurrr,” real name Andrew Luis Lapid.

This time, he mainly chose to disguise himself as Awra Briguela on TikTok. What made it more scandalous was his claims that Vice Ganda and Ion’s relationship is in dire straits. And it is all because of him.

The TikTok video became a trending topic on all social media platforms. His friend, Gabo Adeva, converses with someone who’s behind the camera. He called the person “Awra”.

As Buknoy was pretending to be Awra, Gabo asked him questions that involved Vice Ganda and Ion.

GABO: “So sinasabi mo, Aura na mas gusto ka ni Ion kesa kay Meme Vice [Vice Ganda]?”
GABO: “..Nagalaw ka na ba ni Ion, Awra?”
BUKNOY: ” Oo, nasundan ‘yon sa dressing room no. 5″
GABO: “Di ka naman nakonsens’ya, Awra?”
BUKNOY: “Hinde”

(GABO: “So you’re saying, Awra, that Ion likes you more than he likes Meme Vice [Vice Ganda]?”
BUKNOY: “Yes!”
GABO: “Did Ion did something (sexual) with you, Awra?”
BUKNOY: “Yes, that happened after the dressing room no.5 [incident].
GABO: “You don’t feel bad about it, Awra?”

GABO and Buknoy promptly stopped the live streaming when they read from the comments of someone recording the video.

The news immediately reached Awra Briguela of the trending video and shared his thought through his Twitter account, saying:

Pinaka ayoko sa lahat yung may nadadamay na ibang tao.

“What I really don’t like it when other people are getting dragged (into the drama).”

Vice Ganda’s camp has yet to make a statement on the matter. However, the celebrity’s fans are urging the entertainer to file a libel case vs. Buknoy Glamurrr.

On the other hand, the management handling Gabo and Buknoy have taken the initiative to release a statement rebuking the two, to pay a fine and face suspension.

Buknoy Glamurr and Gabo issued a public apology concerning the issue.

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Lois I.