‘Present Father’: Ellen Adarna describes John Lloyd Cruz


Maria Ellen Adarna never holds back from telling the truth.

Adarna has always been authentic with her thoughts and feelings, making her fans love her even more.

As everyone knows, she and prime actor John Lloyd Cruz have a son together, Elias.

The little boy is about to celebrate his birthday soon in June and has been seen mainly through his mom’s social media accounts.

Adarna is a loving, hands-on mom to her son, Elias. She is always proud of their bonding moments, and this delights her fans!

These days, when she feels like it, she entertains questions of her fans and curious netizens through her IG account.

So, on April 14, 2021, it was not a surprise that a netizen asked her if Elias, her son, gets to spend time with his father, John Lloyd Cruz.

In her IG story, Adarna did not hesitate to answer the question and disclosed that Elias regularly sees his father.

She shared more about Elias and John Lloyd Cruz father-and-son relationship, stating:

“Yes, he does. Hatid-sundo na siya si ang papa di ni, ‘Day [Hatid-sundo siya ng papa niya, ‘Day].

“Si John Lloyd, present father. He wants to be present.”

“He needs his father, as much as he needs me.”

(“Yes, he does. His dad fetches him, Day.

John Lloyd is a present father. He wants to be present.

He (Elias) needs his father, as much as he needs me.”)

But, it is not the first time John Lloyd does his best to be there for Elias.

In truth, both Adarna and Cruz are serious with their co-parenting responsibilities to their son.

The father and son enjoy quality time together, too, “twice a week” for their scheduled sleepover.

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