Security Guard Saves Child from Burning Car


Davao City (April 1, 2021) — In this time of the health crisis, parents have lost the option to leave their kids even with their relatives. It is to ensure that there’s less exposure from other people. 

However, because of the restrictions that kids are not allowed to enter malls, they are left with difficult choices. Parents can leave their kids at home or bring them along and leave them inside the vehicle.

It’s a tough decision to make as parents would always prioritize their kids’ safety more than anything else. But what if that alternative could lead to a more devastating circumstance?

April 1, 2021, a CCTV showed a security guard saving a child from a burning car. 

Kenneth Brian Cangke, the security guard, saw smoke coming out from the back of the parked Volkswagen. But what shocked him was seeing a child was inside the vehicle prompting him to act quickly. 

Cangke opened the Volkswagen door without any hesitation, pulled out the child, and made sure taken to a safe place. 

Cangke took a fire extinguisher to douse the flame. 

Because of his fast thinking and heroic act, he saved the child and stop further unfortunate incident to occur. All of the events were captured on CCTV.

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