Unusual Swab Test Gone Viral


The swabbing procedure or RT-PCR swab testing is one of the routine medical processes people see today.

As the medical industry would claim, the “gold standard” test to identify COVID-19 suspects.

In the Philippines, the cases are rising to 795 thousand, with 646 thousand recoveries and 13,425 deaths.

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Stricter surveillance and contract tracing happen every day for those who have had possible exposure to they are also required to take the test, mainly if the person tested positive.

Other than that, RT-PCR is a requirement for traveling. Negative RT-PCR granted leave, while those with positive results will have to go through quarantine.

The citizens need to comply, or they are not allowed to move at all.

There are many instances when people do record the moment when they go through a swab test.

A particular video caught the attention of the nation because of the covid tester.

Nagtimpla ng kape AHAHAHA more: https://bit.ly/2Oe9IC6

Posted by Pilipinas Avenue on Friday, 2 April 2021

The comments on the video vary, but they certainly raise concerns.

“that’s too much, unnecessary swabbing. you only go in and out with a minimal swab.”


“Ay sureball yun.dala pati utak.hinalukay baga naman “

“Pang isang barangay ata yung swab na ginawa sa kanya amp”

“Yung 5 in 1 na kape ang binili mo… (Dapat mahalong mabuti)”

Do you think the procedure done was excessive?

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