Ben&Ben feat. Young K of Day6 collab for ‘Leaves’ newest rendition


Philippines’ top folk-pop/pop-rock band Ben&Ben recently drops the latest rendition of their 2017 song “Leaves.” However, they featured singer-songwriter and rapper South Korean Young K, based in Seoul, South Korea.

The “Leaves” rendition sets to be released globally. It is, without a doubt, aesthetic to the ear and soul.

Guitarist and lead singer Miguel Benjamin shared;

“The new version of Leaves is based heavily on how the full band adapted the song for live performance through the years.”

The original version only had a piano and guitar arrangements. With the newest version, it’s fuller as the band integrated excellent instrumentation and added harmonization arranged by Poch, Andrew, and Toni, for the intro and first verse.

Young K from the band Day6 contributes his astounding vocals for the second verse and chorus. It gave the song a more pop-oriented yet edgier touch.

How did the collaboration happen?

Paolo Benjamin, guitarist and lead singer shares that the process was exceptionally smooth. The South Korean artist reinterprets the song with his fresh and powerful vocals.

“No revisions were needed.”

“Everything worked as a result of natural chemistry, and Young K’s affinity to the band sound as well,” he adds.

Young K is a member of the South Korean pop/rock band group Day6 which he’s the vocalist, bassist, and rapper.

Ben&Ben trended in South Korea’s biggest streaming app, Melon. Now, a new door opens for the group and the journey begins.

Recently, they became the cover of Spotify’s Pop Rising Korea and “Leaves”, New Music Friday Playlists all over Asia.


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