Chito Miranda Financially Dependent to His Wife?


When it comes to having an ideal marriage and family, Chito Miranda and Neri Naig perfectly fit the mold.

Chito and Neri are married for almost seven years, and people have seen how their relationship bloomed, how they raise their son, Miggy, and how they are building their dreams into reality.

Many netizens noticed that Miranda is indeed proud of his wife in all the things that she does. And especially when it comes to starting and managing different endeavors. 

Neri Naig calls herself a #WaisNaMisis, and she is, as she starts up small businesses and expands them more to help others.

Chito Miranda does not shy away because his wife is #Wais and often boasts about it on social media.

Recently, however, some people are presuming that maybe Miranda is financially dependent on Naig, his wife, because of the lack of gigs in the industry.

Chito Miranda is the vocalist of famed and one of the best OPM bands in the Philippines. As the current health crisis limits movements and causes restrictions, the standard “musikero” livelihood is halted.

It all happened when Neri Naig posted a photo of their upcoming farm located at Alfonso, Cavite. The family decided to live and stay in the province because of the pandemic crisis.

Miranda’s Farm House…. soon!

It’s truly something worth celebrating and a wise decision to make for their family.

But, a comment caught the eyes of other fans because of its questions, such as:

“Ikaw na po bumubuhay kay chito? Or share kayo sa pagawa ng bahay? Lagi kasing ako or ko ang nasa post mo.”

Neri Naig did not hesitate to answer the questions and replied calmly, saying:

“may kanya kanya kaming investments.”

“May mga townhouse at condos syang pinapaupahan, dun palang solb na kami. Kay Chito ako natutong humawak ng pera.”

Chito Miranda chimed in the conversation and jokingly replied;

“oo din…kasi kung wala si Neri matagal na akong patay.”

What can you say about the questions asked by the netizen? Was it rude? What do you think about Mr. and Mrs. Miranda’s replies?

Let us know what you think!

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