Lee Kwang Soo’s Filipino fans give him a special tribute for his last “Running Man” episode


Filipinos are, without any doubt, among the most devoted and loyal fans any celebrity can have. These Pinoy fans go all out to show their idols how much they love and support them, whether the stars won awards or choose a different path in their lives.

The Filipino fans of Lee Kwang Soo gave the South Korean actor a tribute, especially for him.

South Korean actor Lee Kwang Soo recently announced his heavy decision to leave SBS’s Running Man variety show. He’s been a leading member of the show for a very long time. But, because of his recent accident, it’s a choice he has to make.

Many of Lee Kwang Soo’s fans worldwide expressed their sorrow as they’ve heard the news.

Among these loyal fans are his Filipino supporters, who honored the Korean actor for all his hard work in his career through a tribute on May 24, 2021.

The Lee Kwang Soo’s Pinoy fans put up a unique advertisement visible on one of the tallest buildings in Manila, Philippines. The ad was compilations of scenes from the variety show “The Running Man,” where he made a tremendous impact.

“PH ♥ Lee Kwang Soo #PrinceofASIAinEDSA.”

The ad ended with a message saying:

“We will miss you, our Girin.”

Girin is Lee Kwang Soo’s nickname.

Credits to Running Man PH

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