Resort Issues Statement Concerning Transgender Discrimination Accusation


In recent days, the IGACOS’s Isla Reta Beach Resort was accused of discriminating against a transwoman.

As of the moment, the complainant’s thoughts shared via her Facebook post have already been circulating all over social media platforms. As a result, many people are already attacking and leaving comments on the Isla Reta Beach Resort’s official Facebook page.

On May 12, Wednesday, the resort’s management posted on its wall, and it took the citizens of the Island Garden City of Samal, Davao region and netizens by surprise.

It states:

“We inform the public we cannot accommodate transgender because we have no facility for them to avoid issues of discrimination.”

Is this a clear message of LGBTQ++ discrimination? People would have taken it lightly if the said beach resort’s management announced they’d make appropriate and suitable adjustments not only for their LGBTQ tourists but every client as well.

The Isla Reta Beach Resort issued another announcement that they hope would “clarify” their previous statement.

The resort’s management shares their side of the story. According to the recent declaration, there have been complaints from their women guests about the transgender; thus, their staff took immediate action.

“The common shower rooms have several shower heads/spaces, but is open and have no separate cubicles so that once inside, everyone can see everyone using it. Thus, women are complaining if there are transgenders using it with them. Since then, it has become the management’s policy not to allow transgenders to use the female shower room. The management has no facility to cater to the transgender’s demand for a separate shower room.”

Read the complete clarification statement here:

Posted by Isla Reta Beach Resort (Official) on Wednesday, 12 May 2021

What can you say about these statements and the beach resort’s approach? Is the resort truly lacking in terms of the facility? Or is it simply neglecting to provide an appropriate and comfortable environment for all of their guests?

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