Kathryn Bernardo’s new studio, a gift from her Mom


When it comes to saving the best for last, Kathryn Bernardo’s mom, Min Bernardo, does it with style.

Kathryn Bernardo has been blessed through the years while she’s in the industry. But she never expected that her mom, Min Bernardo, would give her a new studio as a birthday gift.

The studio is newly constructed, looking chic and furnished. The younger Bernardo had no clue that her mom would give her a fantastic present.

In her vlog, the uploaded video entitled “I finally have my own studio!”, the viewers are welcomed by her mother, Min Bernardo.

Mother Min shared that they had been planning for Kathryn to get her personal space soon, but it all seemed like a distant future for the younger Bernardo.

Mother Bernardo said, 

“Kathryn didn’t know I was already making it happen.”

The construction already took place in October 2020. The initial plan was to create a simple design, but mother Min admits she did feel unsatisfied. She asked for help from her daughter’s glam team too.

She then found out that Kathryn wanted a different feel for the studio. Kathryn aims to have french windows with natural light coming into the area. 

 Because of this, they had no choice but to scratch the initial design and redo it according to Kathryn’s preferred plan. 

Mother Min understands that considering the situation today, her daughter needs a place where she can do her work without going through so many hassles for shoots.

“Sa Quezon City, konti ang studios dito.”

Nag-decide na ako gawin ito kasi para meron tayong place para sa mga small gatherings”, she adds.

Kathryn Bernardo’s boyfriend, Daniel Padilla, was in on the surprise and kept mum. 

Finally, the day of the big surprise came!

Kathryn’s happiness and excitement were palpable in the video. She couldn’t stop saying, “Oh my God!” as she checks out the whole site.

It’s June already but turns out my birthday celebration isn’t over yet! 🥺 Thank you so much mama and to everyone who took part in this sweet surprise. I can’t believe I finally have my very own studio!!! See what happened during the reveal on the latest episode of #EverydayKath. 🥰

P.S. Sorry na ang daming ohmygod. wahaha

Watch the full reveal: https://www.youtube.com/embed/2iRA5TASlOA

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