Landlord claims Alma Moreno left without paying rent and bills


The condo unit owner claims that Alma Moreno did not just leave without paying the rent.

Raffy Tulfo’s show, ‘Wanted sa Radyo,’ opens its segment to hear the complaints of Theresa Grenard, who is currently in Dubai now.

The video sent by Grenard shows that they went inside the condo but were welcomed with a dark unit. The electricity no longer works. It means it’s been cut off due to not paying the bill on time.

The refrigerator in the condo had so many insects. There’s no water coming out of the faucet, again indicating that the previous renters did not pay the bills at all. As the footage continues, it proves that Moreno didn’t take proper care of the condo.

Through an online interview, the landlord Grenard recounted the conversation she had with the actress, Moreno.

“Hindi ko po talaga pinaparentahan yung condo ko gawa nga po ng pandemic.”

But since the actress, who was also well-acquainted with Grenard’s sibling, allowed Moreno to rent the unit for a month. Grenard had so much trust for Moreno to enable the deal to know that the building asks for many requirements.

Alma Moreno paid thirty-five thousand pesos, which on a discount as they knew each other personally.

The landlord states that Moreno stayed in the unit from August 25 to September 2020. The Meralco bill came costing almost four thousand for a couple of days. Grenard said it was okay at first until such time that Moreno suggested that she will pay for the bills instead. Grenard agreed.

However, after staying in the unit for a month, when they left, they were unreachable. Moreno won’t answer the calls. In her stead, her sibling received Grenard’s inquiries and said that they would pay for the forty-thousand pending Meralco bill.

The initial contract they had was Moreno will rent the condo for only a month from August 25 to September 25, 2020. But, after September 2020, they still stayed until February 2021. They left without saying a word to Theresa Grenard. Aside from the forty-thousand pending bills, Moreno has yet to pay the rental fees.

Grenard says that the fees are but trivial things, it’s the respect and consideration that matters most.

As of the moment, Grenard does not wish to file any case against Moreno. She only desires that the bills be paid since Moreno used it throughout the time they rented the condo unit.

The whole story of the interview is here.

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