Mark Anthony Fernandez reunites with Claudine Barretto for movie comeback


In 1995, two teenagers from a prestigious and celebrated family of actors became lovers at 16. Their relationship lasted for three years, and they both moved on with their career and personal lives.

Ex-sweethearts Mark Anthony Fernandez and Claudine Barreto may reunite soon but only on screen.

There have often been plans to give these prime actors a chance for a movie or series, but projects frequently did not pull through.

As a result, many of their fans continue to anticipate the Barreto-Fernandez reunion. And it seems the wait is almost over.

Fernandez and Barreto are set to be the main characters for the upcoming film entitled “Deception” directed by Joel Lamangan, and produced by Viva Films with Borracho Entertainment.

The story will follow drama and mystery, spins around the lead actress’s character, convicted of parricide and arson.

As the lead character was free from imprisonment, the struggles to redeem herself became the story’s focal point.

Through Arnold Vegafria, Claudine Barreto’s manager confessed,

“I’ve been raring to face the cameras once more and wor with none but the best actors and directors in the industry.”

More updates on this project will come out soon!

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