New Releases This Week: Ferdinand Aragon, The Boomers #MindanaoMusic #VisPop

Another week, another Friday of newly released tracks.

1. Panatilihin – The Boomers (Independent)
Genre: Rock/OPM

The Boomers are back with latest single Panatilihin right after solo efforts of band members Mark Abella and KB Dalumpines.

2. Kahayag – Ferdinand Aragon (Warner Music Philippines)
Genre: Pop/Visayan Pop

Over across a few islands away is Ferdinand Aragon coming back right after featuring in Ilonggo Pop song “Buy-an (with Mau)” and let us just take a quick moment to realize how far pop songs in Cebuano have come a long way. “Kahayag” for example fits right in with the contemporary soundscape in general. By that, we mean, you can definitely have this song followed by a song from an international artist, and there’s none of the mental transition one goes through with “Okay, I’m now listening to this and that.” And that comes to no surprise. The song is written by Oh! Caraga member Sherwin Furgoso, whose band recently got in the International Songwriting Competition for their anthemic “Ipanumpa Ko”, and produced by Carlisle Tabanera from Route 83. The other time Carlisle and Ferdinand had a collaboration was for Route 83’s song “Kahangturan”, an EDM song that also has an international sensibility going for it (still not done not loving that song, by the way). And we’ve not even started talking about with the song itself. Lyrically wise, it’s remarkable.

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