Sharon Cuneta lost Hollywood stint due to false-positive COVID test result


The Philippines’ “Megastar” Sharon Cuneta flew a few weeks ago to LA, California. Many were surprised with her decision considering the current situation these times.

Recently, she and her husband, Sen. Kiko Pangilinan, held an Instagram live session. Here, they talked to their followers of statuses while apart.

The actress revealed that she was selected to film for the Hollywood “all-Filipino” cast. Among the members in the upcoming movie was notable comedian Jo Koy, a project by the prestigious movie producer Steven Spielberg.

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But, as impressive as it all sounds, Cuneta’s dream to film the Hollywood movie came crashing down because she got a “false-positive” COVID-19 test result.

According to Cuneta, her role was to be a supportive aunt to Jo Koy’s character role.

She shared that it was not a Netflix flick stating;

“I was coming to Hollywood to do my first Hollywood film, not for any platform. (It’s) for cinematic release with premieres all over (the world).”

Aladdin producer Dan Lin, and Steven Spielberg, cast the team for the film.

“The very first all-Filipino cast [that] I was so honored to be chosen to be part of.”

Cuneta is an American legal resident. Thus, she was able to fly with ease to Los Angeles back on May 18. She was supposed to travel to Canada the following day to start the shoot.

“What happened was before you get on a flight, you need to get a COVID test at least three days before your flight.”

“I was flying out May 18. On May 16 I got swabbed by one laboratory. I cannot find it in my heart to forgive.”

Cuneta confessed that she was ecstatic to be there. She packed everything she needed and was ready to go.

“I was going to announce to you the very next day.”

But all that effort went to waste as she tested “positive” from her COVID-19 test.

“It was heart-wrenching for me. Literally nanlambot ako para ako nalula.”

She did what she must do and underwent more COVID-19 tests from seven different and trusted laboratories. The result from all seven labs was “negative.”

She fell into depression because she lost a fantastic opportunity that can no longer attain as everyone for the film needs to continue shooting with or without her. She ended up ultimately losing her part.

“That’s why I was so depressed. It was false-positive, and seven trusted labs tested me negative.”

“Kahit gusto nila Jo Koy at director na nandoon pa rin ako, wala silang choice na ituloy ’yung movie,”

“It broke my heart,” Cuneta tearfully admits.

“Hindi na maibabalik sa ’kin ’yung oportunidad dahil lang sa isang pagkakamali sa COVID test kasi seven labs against one. Siguro naman tama ’yung seven.”

As she is still in America, she is now taking the opportunity to audition.

Her manager continues to book auditions for her and lets people know that she is available and accessible for any possible projects.

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