Huawei Watch Fit: the smartwatch for the younger generation


Smart watches have become a very common smart wearable product. Huawei Watch Fit has attracted a lot of attention due to its beautiful appearance,excellent functions and affordable price. Is it worth buying? Keep reading,this review will tell you all.

Design: Lightweight and Vibrant

The design of the Huawei Watch Fit has been significantly optimized. The biggest feature of Huawei Watch Fit is its “square dial” design. Different from the square design of general square-shaped smartwatches,this watch has a unique aspect ratio design with ultra-narrow bezels and colorful straps,which is beautiful and recognizable. Compared with the round dial,the square dial has a larger effective display space. The width of the dial is set to 30mm. The advantage of this design is that the wearer does not hurt hands when bending the palm,but at the same time it does not affect the normal display effect of the watch screen,so as to achieve a balance between wearing and display.

Another highlight of Huawei Watch Fit is its lightness. It weighs 21GB and less than 34GB with the strap. Wearing it when you go out for exercise and fitness,you will feel almost no weight on your hands. Huawei Watch Fit provides four different colors: Cantaloupe Orange, Mint Green,Graphite Black, and Sakura Pink. The colorful color matching can meet the preferences of different people,but also more in line with the aesthetic of young people.

Comprehensive Fitness Functions

Despite its compact size, the watch has excellent functions. Thanks to the square display that can display more complete content,the Huawei Watch Fit has 12 built-in fitness courses,including 44 standard movement demonstrations, suitable for office and home. Huawei Watch Fit has 96 sports modes,supporting 11 professional sports modes and 85 free sports modes,including fitness, dance, ball, water sports, ice and snow sports,extreme sports and so on,which basically include all common sports. Users can quickly choose their favorite sports mode to record.

The watch also supports automatic recognition of sports mode. After each exercise,it will analyze your exercise data, such as mileage, calories burned,pace,step rate,heart rate,etc. It also scientifically evaluates the effectiveness of exercise and recovery time. The watch also has the GPS,which allows it to record the movement path without the help of a phone.

Huawei Watch Fit has a full range of health management functions,including heart rate,blood oxygen, sleep, stress monitoring and women’s menstrual cycle management. In terms of daily functions, Huawei Watch Fit has built-in a NFC. The watch also has features such as music playback controls, smart alarm clock, schedule reminder and watch finder phone. If you are using a Huawei phone, there are also exclusive features like voice assistant.

Battery life is probably the least of Huawei’s smartwatch worries. With continuous heart rate and scientific sleep monitoring on,the huawei fit watch can support up to 10 days of use.

In general, the Huawei Watch Fit is a fully-featured, affordable smartwatch that is suitable for young people.

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