SWS: 18% of Filipinos have NO Love Life, an “all-time high”

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If you do not have a date this Valentine’s Day, do not worry and you are not alone because up to 18 percent of Filipinos do not have a love life.

This is according to a survey conducted by Social Weather Stations (SWS) in December 2021.

54 percent of Filipinos said that they were “very happy” with their love life while 28 percent said they “can be happy.”

The SWS said that they asked in the said survey a total of 1,440 Filipino adults.

This is in contrast to a survey in December last year where as many as 54 percent said they were “very happy” with their love life while those who said their love life could be happy dropped four points from the previous 32. percentage.

From the previous 14 percent, those who say they don’t have a love life have increased by four points.

“Since 2002, around half of adult Filipinos were recorded to have a ‘very happy’ love life, ranging from the record-low 46 percent in 2004 to the record-high 59 percent in 2011,” the SWS said.

The survey found that a high percentage of those who say they are happy with love life, especially among married men.

“In general, married men and married women have a happier love life than their single and with live-in partner counterparts,” SWS added.

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