6 Typical Characteristics of a Premium Housing Development in the Philippines

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Not all housing development projects in the Philippines are made the same. The most common options you’ll find in the housing market these days are aimed toward budget-conscious prospective homeowners. These affordable housing developments have plenty of identifiable features, such as a uniform housing design, sufficient floor area for the basic needs of a small family, and amenities that are shared by the rest of the community. Perhaps the most telling sign that a housing development project is aimed at the masses is its price. Often, a unit in these communities costs between 1 to 3 million pesos, and would-be homeowners are also able to get low monthly amortization. 

Premium housing developments are a tier higher in terms of pricing and features. These housing options are preferred by individuals or families who feel that an affordable housing unit simply won’t be able to meet their specific needs and lifestyles. Just like affordable housing options, premium housing developments share a few common characteristics that make them easily identifiable to prospective buyers. If you want to make sure that the housing project you are looking at in booming real estate hotspots like Batangas, Laguna, Pampanga, or Iloilo  fits the bill, look for the following characteristics:

Highly Accessible Location

One of the tell-tale signs that the house you are planning to buy is part of a premium development is its enviable location. If you’re looking at a house and lot for sale in Lipa City, for example, then you should check out if the community is just a short drive away from major thoroughfares and commercial and business centers. From your prospective home, it should be quick and easy to travel to and from your workplace, reputable schools, and groceries and shopping malls that offer a wide range of goods and services, as well as churches, hospitals, and even government offices. But if the area around the community is not yet fully developed, don’t discount it just yet. It’s possible that commercial establishments will start springing up once businesses realize that they have a market in the immediate area. 

Improved Community Infrastructure

One of the last things that any homeowner will want to worry about is getting access to basic infrastructure services like water, sanitation, electricity, internet, and transportation. This is simply an issue that should not exist in premium housing developments. These homes are well within the service area of reliable providers, who in turn are more than happy to offer the neighborhood upgraded services and premium packages. In addition, it’s also the norm for premium communities to have their own water storage facilities, centralized garbage collection, and waste segregation facilities. 

The roads also reveal a lot about the quality of living that a housing development can provide its residents. Premium housing projects typically offer wider roads and highly walkable spaces that encourage community members to engage with their environment and interact with their neighbors. Tree-lined and well-lit streets are quite commonplace for such developments, and there are no exposed utility lines and cables in many areas within the community. Some developments even offer shuttle services from the neighborhood gates to different destinations within and immediately outside the community.

Premium Materials for the Houses

It’s also expected for premium housing developments to utilize high-quality materials for every house model being sold, which means that everything from the house structure, roofing, wall finishing, and floor finishing all the way to the doors, windows, and kitchen, carport, and lanai elements are made of materials that meet the highest standards of design, safety, quality.

Low-density Residential Spaces

While space may be at a premium in these communities, it doesn’t feel like it when you’re at home or exploring the neighborhood. One of the most obvious signs that you’re in a premium housing development is that there is an abundance of open spaces. Cramped is not a description that will fit your home or the facilities that are being shared by the neighborhood. There are dedicated areas for recreation, relaxation, and events, and noise is not a problem since there’s sufficient space between each housing unit. Even if every homeowner were to gather at the clubhouse or families were to bring their children to the pool, for example, there’s enough room for everyone to maintain their personal space. 

Premium Shared Facilities

Many premium housing developments have expansive swimming pools, spacious clubhouses and event venues, well-maintained basketball and tennis courts, lush jogging trails, and dedicated parks and playgrounds. These communities are not just designed to house people but also to empower their residents to live well, relax, and engage in their hobbies without necessarily traveling far from their homes. 

First-Rate Security Features

These communities are also keen on keeping a safe and peaceful environment for their residents. This is evident in the security measures that they often take to keep unwanted elements outside of the neighborhood and ascertain the identity of every visitor. Aside from employing security personnel, premium residential communities have multiple levels of security, a perimeter fence, an extensive system of CCTV cameras, and RFID access for every gate. 

In many ways, buying a unit at a premium housing development project means getting good value for your money. Living in such a community will more than provide you with shelter and a space that you can call your own. Having a spacious home in proximity to deluxe community facilities, city conveniences, and businesses will provide you with peace of mind, plenty of economic opportunities, and every chance to raise a healthy and happy family without compromising your personal comfort and lifestyle. For many would-be homeowners, this makes the price of a premium home well worth it. 

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