MINTeatro Presents: HAMLET by William Shakespeare 


METRO MANILA (October 2022) – Meridian International College’s theater organization, MINTeatro, will be staging their first Shakespearean play: “Hamlet”; from the original edited text by Jaime Del Mundo in a new version by Nelsito Gomez, and directed by Nelsito Gomez. With an all student cast. 

Honoring the 1994 production of Hamlet by the Actor’s Actors Foundation, Inc. MinTeatro presents this version of Hamlet in the same minimalist, modern day setting, eschewing any over elaborate costumes or sets. Their goal is to augment the imaginative, engaging, and inviting setup AAI had, while at the same time sparking from within the audience a desire and appreciation for classical plays, especially the work of the incomparable playwright, William Shakespeare. 

The show dates for “Hamlet” will be on November 11 & 18 at 7 PM and November 12 & 19 at 3 PM and 7 PM. All shows will still be staged at MINT College Mckinley Campus, Playhouse with tickets priced at 300 pesos for outsiders, 280 pesos for MINT students, and 250 for members of the organization; MINTeatro.  

For more information about Hamlet, visit MINTeatro: FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM, & TIKTOK

About MINTeatro

MINTeatro is Meridian International (MINT) College’s official theater arts organization. It was founded in 2015 and was re-established in 2018. It is currently under the supervision of Sir Dennis Marasigan and Sir Nelsito Gomez.

MINTeatro has produced several theater productions in the past years which includes “FAKE” by Floy Quintos (directed by Dennis Marasigan), “The Captive Word” by Elsa M. Coscolluela (directed by Rafael Jimenez), and “Ang Sugilanon ng Kabiguan ni Epefania” by Alexandra May Cardoso (directed by Rafael Jimenez). We have also produced plays under Teatro Europa, namely: “Tango” by Slawomir Mzorek (directed by Dennis Marasigan), “Salt Princess” a Hungarian Folk Tale adapted by Lia de Jesus and Dennis Marasigan (directed by Nelsito Gomez), and “The Mandrake” by Niccolò Machiavelli (directed by Rafael Jimenez). Over the course of the pandemic, we were also able to produce two online play festivals composed of short plays entitled, “IN PROGRESS: Works IN Progress FOR Progress” , and “STILL IN PROGRESS: Works IN Progress FOR Progress” .

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