LOOK: Kathryn Bernardo’s Dream Home construction update


Filipino Actress Kathryn Bernardo couldn’t be more proud of her accomplishments as she shared her family’s dream home in Metro Manila.

On her latest post in Instagram, Kathryn shared photos of her and her family inside their dream home showcasing the amazing view.

She is accompanied by her mother, Min Bernardo, and younger sister Lexhine, while she toured the area. The construction started on March 2020.

“The construction of our dream home has officially begun. I still can’t believe it’s finally happening after 3 years of planning!” Kathryn said, during the groundbreaking ceremony.

She mentioned that she was planning to build her dream home a year prior at daytime morning talk show “Magandang Buhay” and how she was able to buy the lot.

“Dream ko talaga na maipatayo ‘yung dream house namin ni Mama. Pero hindi kasi joke ang gagastusin, tapos ang daming priorities. So sabi namin, baka next year. Tapos, patagal na siya nang patagal bago masimulan,”

(It really is my dream to build me and my mom’s dream house. But spending for it is not a joke, plus I have other priorities. We kept on saying, “perhaps next year.” But time went by before it truly began.)

“Gusto ko kasi, kapag nagpatayo ng dream house, ‘yung gusto na namin, ‘yung nae-envision ni Mama kung ano ang gusto ko, lahat, sa buong family. So hopefully, mag-start na ‘yung construction soon. Kayod pa.”

(For me, if ever we get to build our dream house, we want it fully envisioned with everything I want it to have, especially for the whole family. So hopefully, the construction should begin soon. Work hard more.”

Kathryn Bernardo is lately seen on the big screen on Metro Manila Film Festival entry, “Deleter” which have Kathryn stars in the main role.

“An online content moderator deletes a suicide video made by her co-worker, but the otherwise desensitized woman can’t escape her own troubled past or a mysterious vengeful presence.”

The movie is directed by renowned Filipino director Mikhail Red

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