‘Plane’ distributor pulls out film, Sen. Padilla scolds director for clapping during hearing


After facing backlash from the Philippine government and viewers over its controversial film “Plane,” Screen Media Films Co., the distributor of the movie has announced its intention to provide a new version for approval. The move comes after they voluntarily pulled the film from theaters in the Philippines amid calls for its ban.

Starred and co-produced by Gerard Butler, ‘Plane’ is a suspense thriller about a group of passengers on a plane that gets hijacked. The film has been widely criticized for its portrayal of Filipino Muslims, who are depicted as terrorists in the movie. Many viewers and activists have called out the film for perpetuating negative stereotypes and promoting Islamophobia. Sen. Robin Padilla, a proud Muslim convert has also expressed his disapproval and dismay towards the film.

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The controversy surrounding the film led to calls for a boycott, with some cinemas and online platforms refusing to show the movie. The Philippine government also launched an investigation into the film, citing concerns over its content.

In response to the backlash, the distributor of the film issued a statement announcing that it would voluntarily pull the film from theaters in the Philippines. The decision was met with mixed reactions, with some applauding the move while others criticized it as a knee-jerk reaction to public pressure. Many viewers and activists called for the distributor to go further and issue an apology and make changes to the film to address its problematic content.

Screen Media Films Co. has announced that they intend to provide a “new version of the film for appropriate review and classification” for approval by the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board (MTRCB).

The decision to provide a new version of the film has been welcomed by some viewers and activists who see it as a step towards addressing the problematic content in the movie. However, others remain skeptical, pointing out that the changes may not go far enough to address the underlying issues with the film.

In response to the announcement, the MTRCB has stated that it will review the new version of the film once it is submitted for approval. The board has emphasized the importance of promoting responsible filmmaking and ensuring that movies do not promote hate or discrimination.

The controversy surrounding ‘Plane’ highlights the ongoing debate over the portrayal of marginalized communities in media. Critics argue that negative stereotypes and harmful tropes can perpetuate discrimination and prejudice, while defenders argue that filmmakers should have artistic freedom to explore sensitive subjects.

In the Philippines, the debate has been particularly fraught with the country’s history of colonialism and ethnic tensions shaping public perceptions of media representation. Some activists argue that films like ‘Plane’ reinforce harmful stereotypes and undermine efforts to promote peace and understanding between different communities.

As the controversy over the film continues, many are calling for a broader conversation about media representation and the need for filmmakers to be more responsible in their portrayals of marginalized communities. Some have called for more diversity in the film industry, with greater representation of underrepresented groups both in front of and behind the camera.

Screen Media Films Co. has yet to announce when the new version of the film will be submitted for approval. The controversy over the movie is likely to continue for some time as viewers and activists continue to call for greater accountability in the media and film industry.

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