Top 20 PH Hits on Spotify As of January 2023


When we talk about ‘Top Hits’, people tend to think of ‘new pop songs’ or anything that is new to this generation’s ears. After all, it’s a new year and new gens are those who usually subscribe to these lists lately. Don’t they?

In this age where most people get access to songs from literally anywhere through the help of the internet and mobile phones, even songs from our great grandparents’ time are easily accessible with just a tap away.

Well, for the Philippines or basically anywhere in the world, in today’s case, the tide seems to have turned as oldies now become more popular than newly released songs with the help of social media, especially TikTok and Facebook Reels.

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Want to introduce your favorite 90’s songs to the Gen Z’s? Use it as background music for your video or create a meme with it. Who knows, maybe you’ll hear them next in one of the top hit playlists on Spotify and other popular music streaming platforms.

For now, let’s hear the songs that made it to this year’s Top Hit Playlist on Spotify which, surprisingly, includes early 20’s hits, in random order.

  1. 1 Jopay – Mayonnaise

  2. 2 Wet the Bed – Chris Brown

  3. 3 Nagloko Ka Rin Naman – Humphrey

  4. 4 Dito Ka Lang – Μοira Dela Τorre

  5. 5 Muli – Ace Banzuelo

  6. 6 Aking Habangbuhay – Moira Dela Τorre

  7. 7 Angel Baby – Troye Sivan

  8. 8 Mahika – Adie and Janine Berdin

  9. 9 Moon Nik – Makino featuring Flow G

  10. 10 Kumpas – Moira Dela Τorre

  11. 11 Sun and Moon – Anees

  12. 12 Kagome – Loki

  13. 13 Binibini – Zack Tabudlo

  14. 14 Nalalasing Ako Sa Iyong Ganda – Bastardo

  15. 15 Habang Buhay – Zack Tabudlo

  16. 16 Ikaw Lang – Nobita

  17. 17 Until I Found You – Stephen Sanchez

  18. 18 Asan Ka Na Ba – Zack Tabudlo

  19. 19 Testing – Skusta Clee

  20. 20 Rapstar – Flow G

    Didn’t see your favorite song on the list? Comment it down below and maybe we can include it on the next one!

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